Grape-vine and Rest

Today i spent most of the day in critiques in other people’s studios. I also helped get ready for our open studio that will be held on Friday December 6th at Victory Parkway Campus.

When I got home I started working on some dance steps. They will be vinyl prints of dance steps for various dances. They will be common line dances, like the grape-vine. Except there will be prints for you to rest your body. Below is a picture of some tests I made from construction paper on my living room floor. You can see there is a butt print where someone can sit and rest. I think there will be more directional cues like arrows, and words in the final version, but I’m not sure yet.

designing a hanging system

Today I am working on designing a hanging system that I want to weld for my leotards. I’ve found some old materials to make models from in a storage room down the hall from my studio. I’m trying to save more money lately by using materials I find rather than buying more junk.

Here are some drawings and models I have made so far:

We also have an open studios event coming up on Friday this week so I have to clean my studio. I’m listening to the audio book, We are the Weather by Jonathon Safran Foer. I also recently purchased this book which I have been reading too.

Process-Blog Beginnings

I was encouraged to start this blog after people were impressed with my process journaling. So I have decided to follow through and try to update this at least twice a week. Today I spent hours filming my video about “Legs Up the Wall,” for probably the 6th time. I have been working really hard to get the lighting right and I have been learning a lot about white balance. I still have a lot to learn about photography but my friend who teaches photography says I can sit in on her class next semester. Here is a link to the video I worked on today:

Ongoing Project

I am trying to create a series of videos for this project that will make up a Youtube channel. I’ve written a lot about this project for various proposals, but essentially, I am trying to appreciate and deride the conventions of the dance world simultaneously through humor and art. I’ve also recently become interested in Fat Activism. At first I was really into body positivity, but after more research, I’ve decided I resonate more with fat activism because it isn’t always about being positive.

I’m working on a lot of sculptures at once, but most recently I casted a concrete form for a piece I am working on. Here is aare some photos of it:

“Sidewalk” statement

In the development of this idea I was thinking a lot about chance, fate, weight, and the way we lean on certain issues. I was thinking about winning and losing, and also about taking sides. I was thinking about property and ownership. I was thinking about being embraced and belonging or even being un-welcome and turned away. I was thinking about judgement. I was thinking about the middle way. The idea of walking this singular path leads me to think of our path throughout our life, or even lives, and what determines the sides we take and how this can shift throughout time.

“Deep Seated” statement

In this work, I elevate an upturned seat on top of a ladder to aggrandize the presentation. There is a junction between the jar of honey and the metal seat where honey drips through both of them. This temporal loss of honey occurs in a messy transference from the jar above to the floor below. This work was influenced by Buddhist parables, ancient Buddhist monastic medicine, and thinking about wealth disparity in relation to religious and socioeconomic themes.