Dance Assist Episode 2 – Back Bend

Today I finally shot the second episode of Dance Assist two. Some things I am trying to do differently is to let the humor come through from the object and not force over-the-top intentional humor. I think subtle is better but I am still not quite where I want to be. I took advice from Artist Lauren Henkin who I had watch my video and I got rid of some of the make-up. I think it works better without the loud lipstick. I decided not to shoot this one too many times and obsess over getting it perfect. I want these to move faster and be almost more improvisational.

your fat friend

When I first started my research about the fat body I was into body positivity but the more I have learned about fat activism the more I see how that idea of body positivity can be flawed. I feel the way that I feel about body positivity that same way that I feel sometimes about queer pride. Like I don’t need your fucking permission to be proud or feel beautiful and if there is a day where I don’t want to feel that way, I should not have to. I really like this blog and the way this anonymous author talks about not having to force yourself to fit into these rigid categories and definitions.

Grape-vine and Rest

Today i spent most of the day in critiques in other people’s studios. I also helped get ready for our open studio that will be held on Friday December 6th at Victory Parkway Campus.

When I got home I started working on some dance steps. They will be vinyl prints of dance steps for various dances. They will be common line dances, like the grape-vine. Except there will be prints for you to rest your body. Below is a picture of some tests I made from construction paper on my living room floor. You can see there is a butt print where someone can sit and rest. I think there will be more directional cues like arrows, and words in the final version, but I’m not sure yet.

designing a hanging system

Today I am working on designing a hanging system that I want to weld for my leotards. I’ve found some old materials to make models from in a storage room down the hall from my studio. I’m trying to save more money lately by using materials I find rather than buying more junk.

Here are some drawings and models I have made so far:

We also have an open studios event coming up on Friday this week so I have to clean my studio. I’m listening to the audio book, We are the Weather by Jonathon Safran Foer. I also recently purchased this book which I have been reading too.

Process-Blog Beginnings

I was encouraged to start this blog after people were impressed with my process journaling. So I have decided to follow through and try to update this at least twice a week. Today I spent hours filming my video about “Legs Up the Wall,” for probably the 6th time. I have been working really hard to get the lighting right and I have been learning a lot about white balance. I still have a lot to learn about photography but my friend who teaches photography says I can sit in on her class next semester. Here is a link to the video I worked on today:

Ongoing Project

I am trying to create a series of videos for this project that will make up a Youtube channel. I’ve written a lot about this project for various proposals, but essentially, I am trying to appreciate and deride the conventions of the dance world simultaneously through humor and art. I’ve also recently become interested in Fat Activism. At first I was really into body positivity, but after more research, I’ve decided I resonate more with fat activism because it isn’t always about being positive.

I’m working on a lot of sculptures at once, but most recently I casted a concrete form for a piece I am working on. Here is aare some photos of it: