“Giving and Giving” statement

The time when I most often practice mindfulness is while cleaning. In this piece, I discuss the connections between different forms of giving and the compassion of cleaning. I create a visual connection between mop heads and my own head so that the mops can be read as figurative heads or in reverse, my headContinue reading ““Giving and Giving” statement”

“Pony” statement

In this sculpture and performance, I create an amalgamation by not only simplifying the form of a horse but also by highlighting distinguishable characteristics of a horse‚Äôs appearance. By elongating the form, suspending the box, and selecting the placement on my head, I entice the viewer to recognize the artwork as animal and human simultaneously.Continue reading ““Pony” statement”

“Lady Parts” statement

Within this cyclical existence we meet in the context of my piece. I am the impermanent material visiting this work. I mimic myself through the more permanent and still forms because no matter how hard I try, I cannot be permanent. Identity can be an authentic representation of ourselves. It can also be a cleverlyContinue reading ““Lady Parts” statement”