Christine Gaffney December 2016

About Christine Gaffney

Christine Gaffney is a Dayton, Ohio-based visual artist. She studied art at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York and received her BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design. The majority of Gaffney’s work is painting, but she also experiments with video and animation. She makes large paintings on canvas than could also be considered mixed media, often incorporating textures, patterned papers, and even found materials. Gaffney’s subject is most often herself or based on her own emotions, but occasionally she paints or films other people. Deeply sensitive portraits and still-lives of flowers—dead or alive—are some of her favorite things to paint. 

Christine also considers herself to be a video artist. She often performs some kind of creative movement or even dance in her films. She uses a stop motion technique in most of her films.

Gaffney holds a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science and works as a  Librarian at Dayton Metro Library.