The Waitress

I recently purchased a new camera. I had a really nice Nikon but it was huge and hard to deal with. I decided that because I enjoyed filming with my cell phone so much I might like to have a smaller and lighter camera. I purchased the Nikon D5300. It has a selfie screen too! While I am not necessarily using it for selfies, it is helpful when I am filming myself in the short films I have been making. Even when I am pretty far from the camera, it is easier to know what the composition of my shot will be.

I film all of my short films in stop motion. This is time consuming but it is also kind of magical. The only thing I can think to compare it to is developing film in a dark room. In a dark room, you have an idea and vision but you could never be 100% certain about how it would turn out. The outcome is always so exciting. That is what stop motion is like for me.

When I made this film, I wanted to explore knife tricks in stop motion. I am trying to use more of my animation knowledge to do film tricks and less prancing around and looking pretty. Maybe I will do both, who knows?

I have been making stop motion films to popular music. At first I used mostly pop songs or songs with a good beat because it worked best with the stop motion style. As I get better, I am able to use most any song I want because I can make the stop motion more fluid. I challenge myself to tell a story. Sometimes I pick a song with a really great narrative, not just because I love the song.

I'm pretty sure that some of my friends might think I am crazy for making these videos but I have to start somewhere and work with what I have available before I can make bigger and better films. That is the reality. I'd rather make weird low budget films than not be making them at all.