Artist Statement

I am a transdisciplinary performance artist. My work investigates philosophical ideas by exploring the metaphysical. I do this by interacting with objects in a way that feels accessible and inviting to the viewer. Humor has been quietly present in in my body of work. This is evident in works like, “Lady Parts 1,” where I poke my finger through a hole in the wall, and in “Pony,” where I create an amalgamation of objects that result in me looking like a horse. I explore humor even further in my work where I employ cheating to obtain athletic dance positions people think I can’t otherwise achieve. I break down videos from social media and recreate ideas from these videos in a way that is absurd. My work often suggests ideas about body image, beauty ideology, and feminism.

I am influenced by contemporary performance artists and sculptors including Lauren Kalman, Shana Moulton, and Xavier Cha.  I discovered my current practice by way of sculpture training and for that reason, my performance work emphasizes sculptural objects. I interact with these objects in my videos or I display these pieces as ephemera of a performance. By utilizing techniques such as stillness, mimicry, and repetition, I am an object in my piece I am working on or performing.

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