Artist Statement

I am a transdisciplinary performance artist. Through my use of placement, my work is playful and curious. I interact with objects in a way that feels accessible and inviting to the viewer. My performance is intended to elicit questions and stir emotions, not necessarily solve problems or provide solutions. My work often suggests ideas about body image, beauty ideology, and feminism. I discovered my current practice by way of sculpture training and for that reason, my performance work emphasizes sculptural objects that I make. I interact with these objects in my videos and performances or I display these pieces as ephemera of a performance. By utilizing techniques such as stillness, mimicry, and repetition, I am an object in my piece I am working on or performing.

Humor has been quietly present in in my body of work. This is evident in my earlier works like, “Lady Parts 1,” where I poke my finger through a hole in the wall, and in “Pony,” where I create an amalgamation of objects that result in me looking like a horse. I explore humor even further in my work where I employ cheating to obtain athletic dance positions people think I can’t otherwise achieve. When I was growing up in the Midwest, Dance was not an inclusive activity for me because of my body shape and size. Despite that, I constantly tried to be a dancer for many years until I embraced being an artist. Being an artist allowed me to be anything I wanted. In a lot of my work, I assert myself by putting myself in dance spaces and situations or even creating those spaces and situations. In many of my dance related performances the objects or sculptures I create could be thought of as ridiculous assists. I widen a balance beam, I make a machine that helps one cheat at pointing their toes, and I am constantly looking for ways to infiltrate the dance world without actually being able to dance by any traditional standards.

More recently, I break down videos from social media and recreate ideas from them in a way that is absurd. What I am really interested in is human behavior on the internet. After creating Youtube videos for my earlier Dance Assist performance pieces, I became more aware and interested in the way people spend their time on the internet and especially on Youtube. I explore the world of amateurism while I use humor and discomfort to create tension and often this results in reflection and introspection.

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