Artist Statement

My work is playful and curious. I experiment with placement and I interact with objects in a way that feels accessible and inviting to the viewer. It is not my intention to provide solutions, but instead I elicit questions and stir emotions. My work often suggests ideas about body image, beauty ideology, and feminism. I discovered my current practice by way of sculpture training and for that reason I am a sculptor. My performance work emphasizes sculptural objects that I make. I interact with these objects in my videos and performances or I display these pieces as ephemera of a performance. By utilizing techniques such as stillness, mimicry, and repetition, I am an object in my piece I am working on, performing, or exhibiting. My sculpture is more serious and is often referred to as minimal. In contrast, my performance work is hilarious and is described as maximum. I explore these forms separately or I weave these two bodies of work together to create one. I am the object and the maker. Even when I am performing my art, I consider myself to be sculpting.