Teaching Portfolio

As a teacher, I create a safe environment for learning, for all students.  I foster and encourage critical thinking and problem-solving strategies. I encourage experimentation and risk taking. I believe in failing. I believe not in failing students, but I believe that sometimes our greatest failures lead to our biggest accomplishments. For that reason, I would rather see students take risks and fail than see them play it safe. I will strive for students to develop an understanding of Performance Art through this experimentation.

As a teacher, I am a mentor. I possess the responsibility, punctuality, and professionalism expected of a professor. I am also a student, and by that, I mean; I teach, but I am not afraid to be taught. I am an active listener, and I value that trait in education and educators especially.

The student has a responsibility to show up and a responsibility to put forth effort. Active participation is very important to actively engaging in the learning process. I expect students to take risks and experiment while making good use of work-time in class.

I will use best practices based on continued research and current methodology to create a constructive classroom environment and community. I value diversity and inclusion and look forward to teaching a diverse class of students.

I teach because I never want to stop learning, and I believe that makes me the best kind of teacher.

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